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Why Fitguide?

Simple. Workouts are easy to follow and tailored to your fitness level.

Motivating. Join a community of women and share progress along your fitness journey.

Effective. Reinvent your shape, and keep improving with fun ongoing group workouts that continue to adapt to your body.

Affordable. We charge a fraction of a traditional personal trainer. As low as $7.99/month.

Accessible. Train at home, the gym, or the beach. We exist fully online, so you can take Fitguide anywhere.

Plans For Every Fitness Level

Not sure what working out on Fitguide looks like? 

Whatever your fitness level, we have group training programs for reaching your goals.



If you’re looking to get started, this ongoing program is a great way to fire up your metabolism with short and effective workouts that require little to no equipment. The program features a mix of weekly group challenges and lots of exercise variation, allowing your body to continue adapting and avoid plateaus.



For more of a challenge, our Enthusiast program builds on the Starter with more advanced exercises that are packed into fast, fun and effective group workouts. This ongoing program is perfect for helping you stay fit and achieve a stronger, leaner and more toned physique.


With a Fitguide subscription you’ll get access to everything you need to achieve the strong and lean physique you’ve always wanted.  

  • Workout Tracking. Track your workouts, body stats, progress photos, and meals from anywhere.


  • Substitute exercises. Easily swap exercises to personalize your workout.


  • Exercise library. Explore hundreds of exercises and instructional content to ensure you have the best direction for form, and technique.

  • Motivational reminders. Receive email reminders and in-app notifications to help keep you on track.


  • Mobile friendly. Access your workout plans from the Fitguide App on iOS or Android.


  • Personal bests. Receive badges for achieving personal bests.
  • Fitness Community. Share progress with your friends and get inspired by the Fitguide community.


  • Exercise progression. Analyze progression for exercises over time as you improve.


  • Drag and drop scheduling. The workout calendar makes scheduling your workouts a breeze.

Training On The Go

With the Fitguide App, everything you need to be healthier and get in the best shape of your life is right at your fingertips.


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