Workouts & Fitness Community For Women

Workouts & Fitness Community For Women
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If you’re looking to get in the shape of your life, Fitguide was made for you. Our mobile app surrounds you with exactly what you need to make your training better than ever. With the motivation of a community of women from around the world and expert guidance of the top trainers, you’ll achieve more – faster.

  • Effective. Reinvent your shape, and keep improving with workouts that are proven effective by your trainers.

  • Motivating. Be inspired and share your fitness journey with a community of women from around the world.

  • Affordable. We charge a fraction of a traditional personal trainer. As low as $7.49/month.

  • Accessible. Train at home, the gym, or the beach. We exist fully online, so you can take Fitguide anywhere.

Plans For Every Fitness Goal

Whether you’re just getting started or a fitness pro, our workout plans will help you achieve your goals and continue to be the best version of yourself.



Total Body Build And Tone

by Tiffany Wheelhouse
If you like to break a sweat at the gym, Tiffany’s Total Body plan will help you to build a strong, lean, and toned physique. The plan starts with simpler workouts and ramps you up over the following weeks, allowing your body to continue adapting week after week.

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  • Workout Tracking. Track your workouts, body stats, progress photos, and meals from anywhere.

  • Motivational reminders. Receive email reminders and in-app notifications to help keep you on track.

  • Fitness Community. Share progress with your friends and get inspired by the Fitguide community.


I’ve really missed circuit training and struggled to motivate myself on my own until I was introduced to Fitguide. Circuit training delivered straight to your phone that can be done absolutely anywhere.


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been using the Fitguide app to keep me motivated to complete my workouts and let me tell you: it’s the real deal.


I AM IMPRESSED.  It gives you all the tools & reminders you need to track progress, workouts, EVERYTHING!!  This is great for beginners as well as people like me who have been working out forever.


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